Survey Response Browser

Browse responses of a Google Forms survey, in a more comfortable way.

Survey Response Browser converts a Google Spreadsheet into a HTML page with that's easy to read and/or print. It's especially useful to read multi-line answers.

As explained on my Teaching page, I use it to generate a PDF file that contains the assignments submitted by all my students on Google Forms, so I can review, annotate and return their responses using PDF Master on my iPad.


  1. From Google Forms, export the responses of your survey to Google Spreadsheets
  2. Share the resulting Google Spreadsheet document with (read-only permission is sufficient)
  3. Copy the unique identifier of your spreadsheet from its URL
  4. Paste that identifier at the end of the URL of this website, in order to display responses
Sample: /1Mfelh98MMmIAqusHi0u2ugoZWGhSjxnMI2GFVoVrRGo (for that spreadsheet)

Source code

The source code of this application is available at

Latest updates are listed on this page: commits.